1 The Trinity Summarised

In a sentence – a unity of three persons with complete and perfect godhood-the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit-so perfect in unity that they have one mind, one heart, one unity of purpose and action and using the resources of one -that of the Father


There are three persons of having Godhood, with the same nature, ability and character who are so perfectly in unity that they act as one God. All plans and resources come from God the Father who has never been seen by any man other than the Son. Jesus the Son, while being equal to the Father in all respects and not inferior in any way, having existed for all eternity, voluntarily submits to the Father and speaks the Word the Father orders. He is the revelation of Father, and was the visible revelation of the Father while on earth. This is why he is called the WORD [logos, logic] OF GOD. The Holy  Spirit, while being equal to the Father and the Son in all respects and not inferior in any way, having existed in all eternity, voluntarily submits to the Father and the Son, executing the will of the Father and the Son, bring it into existence.

An illustration of plurality and unity

Just as  the Father, the Son, the Spirit are one perfect unity of persons with godhood, having one will [the will of the Father], following one vision [the destiny that the Father ordains] and having one source of resource [the Father], thereby being one God, so the church is one body of Christ that is destined to be one perfect unity, having humanhood, submitting to one will [the will of the Father spoken through Christ], following one vision [the sovereeign plan of the Father revealed through Christ], having one resource [the Father, given through Christ].

In Heaven there will be the the Father, the Son [being the head of the body of Christ, in perfect unity with the body of Christ] and the Holy Spirit. There will be the body of Christ, having human spirits but having the characterof Christ, perfectly submitting to Christ the head. Then there will be the angels. There will be perfect love, total joy, unbroken peace, perfect gentleness and all the fruit of the Spirit. ….. a community in one perfect unity.

In hell there will be a multitude of persons and spirits who think and act as individuals, in total chaos and disunity, in conflict, hatred, anger, rebellion, bitterness, jealousy, having intense unfulfilled desire, in perfect and complete torment.


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